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Rias Baixas ...   Rias Baixas Rias Baixas Rias Baixas Rias Baixas Rias Baixas Rias Baixas

We grow the Albariño variety in our fourteen vineyards growing in El Salnés (Rias Baixas), spread over a total of 5 hectares. Our vines are aged between 30 and over 100 years old, and have average yields.

 We grow our vines according to the principles of minimum intervention, seeking biological balance in the plant, which enables the terroir to express itself.

We fertilize our vineyards with compost made from grape pomace and algae that we collect in the Ría de Arousa, which essentially provide trace elements, minerals and antibiotics which improve the plant’s resistance to disease.

It is essential to have controlled yields and perfectly mature grapes to enable the wines to express the minerality and salinity of our land. We carry outgreen harvestingto help the bunches of grapes to reach optimal maturityremoving vegetation (leaf thinning), eliminating those grape clusters which are not going to ripen properly (cluster thinning) and removing unsuitable grapes (pre-harvesting).

Ribeira Sacra Ribeira Sacra Ribeira Sacra Ribeira Sacra Ribeira Sacra Ribeira Sacra    ... Laderas del Miño

In O Saviñao, we cultivate two vineyards in close collaboration with Roberto Regal. They are located on Miño’s slopes with vines over 100 years old, with 60% gradient, granitic soils and Atlantic climate. The varieties are mencía, garnacha tintorera, grao negro, godello, palomino and others unidentified. Their performances are low and produced by organic viticulture.

 Ribeiro ...    Ribeiro Ribeiro Ribeiro Ribeiro Ribeiro

In Ribeiro, we elaborate wine in collaboration with Avia do Cume. The vineyards are located in Ribadavia, at an altitude up to 400 meters with clay soil and schistose and granitic nature.  Varieties: brancellao, caiño longo, sousón, ferrón, carabuñeira and merenzao. They are produced by organic viticulture.

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